Simon Yates

My name is Simon Yates. I created this site to support the courses I teach, help students learn English and provide other ESL teachers with the resources they need.

Simon Yates Owner EnglishSL

I was born in Toronto, Canada and am a citizen of both Canada and the United Kingdom. I have lived in many English speaking countries including Canada, the United States, England and New Zealand. Each country is unique and has its own variation on English grammar, vocabulary with its own slang and idioms.

Our Purpose

English SL is a free online resource for teacher and students alike. We offer a forum to allow students in interact with each other as well with teachers and other native speakers. Use this forum to ask questions and get immediate answers.

Improve your skills at speaking, writing, reading and even debating. We understand that everyone has different learning needs so I have provided video lessons and podcasts to accompany the written lessons. Over the next several months, I will be adding a large library of irregular verbs along with regular and phrasal verbs. You can also find a large collection of current idioms as well as common slang.

If there is anything that you would like to see on EnglishSL, drop me a note in the forum. I take all request seriously. In fact, this site was created with input from ESL students.

Our single purpose is to provide you free content to make your learning experience a better one. However, I also offer Internet-based private English lessons. More information on private lessons can be found here.

EnglishSL Forum

Get help directly from native English speakers and teachers from the United States and Canada. We also have students from around the world eager to practice their writing skills and offer help. We have a lot of students from Brazil and China.

Seek help with grammar, vocabulary, idioms, studying abroad, essay writing and more. Looking for a topic not available, simply create your own topic. Most questions are answered within the hour!

Under Construction was launched In November, 2012. As such, there is not much content but I am adding content daily and will post new content here as it is added.

November 15, 2012: Added social media Twitter, Google + and added the forum.