Idioms - D

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dance attendance

Defined: If you dance attendance on somebody, you are constantly available for that person and attend to their wishes.
Example: She's rich and famous and expects everyone to dance attendance on her.

dig one's own grave

Defined: A person who digs their own grave does something which causes their own downfall.
Example: If you drop out of college now, with such high unemployment, you'll be digging your own grave.

disappear into thin air

Defined: If someone or something disappears into thin air, they vanish in a mysterious way.
Example: After being accused of embezzlement, the director disappeared into thin air.

dive in headfirst

Defined: If you begin something enthusiastically, without thinking about the possible consequences, you dive in headfirst.
Example: Tony accepted the project without realizing the time it would take; he always dives in headfirst!

do a disappearing act

Defined: If someone does a disappearing act, they simply vanish, especially if they have done something wrong or dishonest.
Example: Just before the police arrived, the suspect did a disappearing act.

do a moonlight flit

Defined: Someone who does a moonlight flit leaves a place quickly and in secret, usually to avoid paying debts.
Example: Just before the rent was due he did a moonlight flit.

do more harm than good

Defined: If the effect of an action is more damaging than helpful, it does more harm than good.
Example: Giving him money did more harm than good - he spent it on alcohol.

do a good turn

Defined: If you dosomeone a good turn, you act in a helpful way.
Example: Mike is a great guy - always ready to do a good turn.

done thing

Defined: The correct way to behave in a particular social situation is called the done thing.
Example: Wearing jeans to play golf is not the done thing.

drag your feet

Defined: If you drag your feet, you delay a decision or participate without any real enthusiasm.
Example: The government is dragging its feet on measures to reduce pollution.

drop names

Defined: When you drop names, you mention the names of famour people you know or have met in order to impress others.
Example: There goes Jack dropping names again. People will get tired of listening to him!

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