Idioms - H

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haul over the coals

Defined: If you haul someone over the coals,you reprimand them harshly because they have done something wrong or incorrectly.
Example: He was hauled over the coals for the poor quality of his presentation.

have one too many

Defined: Someone who has one too many, has drunk too much alcohol.
Example: I think Tony has had one too many - he's talking rubbish!

have the nerve

Defined: If you do something rude, impudent or inappropriate, without any embarrassment or shyness, it is said that you have the nerve to do it.
Example: She had the nerve to attend the ceremony wearing jeans!

have a stab at

Defined: If you have a stab at something, you try something that you have never had a chance to do before.
Example: I had a stab at surfing once but I decided not to rene the experience!

help a lame dog

Defined: If you help a lame dog over a stile, you help someone who is in difficulty or trouble.
Example: You can trust him - he's always ready to help a lame dog over a stile.

herd mentality

Defined: People with the herd mentality tend to do what everyone else does, no matter how ridiculous or stupid.
Example: One example of herd mentality is when people rush to get on the first bus when there are several empty ones waiting.

hit below the belt

Defined: If you do something considered to be unfair, or make a cruel remark, you hit below the belt.
Example: Politicians sometimes use personal information to hit their rivals below the belt.

hit the panic button

Defined: When you hit or press the panic button, you raise the alarm too quickly or react too hastily in a difficult or stressful situation.
Example: Calm down! There's no need to hit the panic button yet!

hold the fort

Defined: When you hold the fort, you look after a place or a business in the absence of the person who is normally in charge.
Example: Rosie, could you hold the fort please while I go to the post office?

hold one's own

Defined: If you can hold your own, you are well able to defend yourself when under attack.
Example: We should ask Jane to represent us; she can hold her own in any argument.

hue and cry

Defined: If there is a hue and cry about something, there is loud opposition to it.
Example: There will no doubt be a great hue and cry when the reorganization is announced.

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