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lash out

Defined: If you lash out at somebody, you attack them, usually verbally.
Example: On the ninth hole, Pete suddenly lashed out at Scott and accused him of cheating.

laugh something off

Defined: When you laugh about something that has upset or hurt you, to make it seem less important or to try to show that you do not care, you laugh it off.
Example: She overheard her colleage's critical remark, but she laughed it off.

laugh up your sleeve

Defined: If you laugh up your sleeve, you are secretly amused at another person's problems or difficulties.
Example: Tom felt that his demonstration was confusing and that his colleague was laughing up his sleeve.

leave well alone

Defined: If you leave well alone, you decide not to interfere with or change something that is acceptable or adequate.
Example: It would be hard to get a better deal. Let's just leave well alone.

lend oneself to

Defined: If you lend yourself to something, you approve of it or become associated with it.
Example: No decent father would lend himself to violent behaviour.

let off steam

Defined: A person who lets off steam releases surplus energy or strong feelings either through intense physical activity or by talking in an unrestrained manner.
Example: Let's bring the kids to the playground so they can let off steam.

let sleeping dogs lie

Defined: If you tell someone to let sleeping dogs lie, you are asking them not to interfere with a situation because they could cause problems.
Example: Look, they've settled their differences. It's time to let sleeping dogs lie.

let something ride

Defined: When you decide to do nothing about a particular situation and allow it to remain as it is, you let it ride.
Example: Bill didn't like the way his wife spoke to the operator, but he let it ride because he didn't want another quarrel.

lick into shape

Defined: If you make an effort to put someone or something into satisfactory condition or appearance, you lick them into shape.
Example: I've got to lick this place into shape before my in-laws arrive.

look down your nose

Defined: If someone looks down their nose at a person or thing, they consider that person or thing as inferior.
Example: Intellectuals often look down their noses at amusement parks and such.

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