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quaking in one's boots

Defined: When someone is extremely scared, it is said that they are quaking in their boots.
Example: When he saw the crocodiles in the water, he started quaking in his boots.

quart into a pint pot

Defined: To say that you can't put a quart into a pint pot means that you cannot fit something too big into a small space, or that you are trying to do something impossible.
Example: You'll never get that into the suitcase. You can't put a quart into a pint pot!

quick temper

Defined: Someone who has a quick temper gets angry very easily.
Example: He makes me nervous - he's got such a quick temper.

quick as a dog can lick a dish

Defined: If you do something surprisingly fast, you do it as quick as a dog can lick a dish.
Example: He packed his bag as quick as a dog can lick a dish.

(no) quick fix

Defined: To say that there is no quick fix to a problem means that there is no simple solution.
Example: There is no quick fix for unemployment; major reforms are necessary.

quick off the mark

Defined: If someone is quick off the mark, they are quick to react to an event or take advantage of an opportunity.
Example: You've got to be quick off the mark when stores announce special offers.

quick/slow on the uptake

Defined: Someone who is quick or slow on the uptake is quick or slow to understand what is meant.
Example: Please explain the problem in simple words - I'm a bit slow on the uptake!

quiet as a mouse

Defined: When someone is as quiet as a mouse, they make no noise at all.
Example: The burglar was a quiet as a mouse as he moved around the house.

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