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saddled with debt

Defined: If you are saddled with debt, the amount of money that you owe is a financial burden.
Example: Be careful. If you buy a house that is too expensive, you could be saddled with debt for many years.

safe bet

Defined: To say that something is a safe bet means that it is very likely to happen.
Example: It's a safe bet that you'll get a good job if you graduate from one of the top universities.

safe hands

Defined: If something is in safe hands, it is being looked after by a reliable person or organization, and is therefore at no risk.
Example: I'll look after Jamie while you go shopping. Don' worry - he'll be in safe hands.

safe side

Defined: If you do something to be on the safe side, you do it as a precaution, to avoid any risks.
Example: I think I locked the door but I'll check again to be on the safe side.

safety in numbers

Defined: This expression means that being part of a group makes people feel more secure and more confident when taking action.
Example: None of the group went sightseeing alone, knowing there was safety in numbers.

sail close to the wind

Defined: If you sail close to the wind, you do something dangerous or act just within the limits of what is legal or acceptable.
Example: He seems to invest his money well although he often sails close to the wind.

sail through

Defined: If you sail through something, for example a test or an exam, you succeed in doing it without difficulty.
Example: The English test was no problem for Pedro. He sailed through it.

salt of the earth

Defined: To describe someone as the salt of the earth means that they are kind, honest and reliable.
Example: Mrs. Brown is the salt of the earth, always ready to give a helping hand.

same wavelength

Defined: If you are on the same wavelength as someone else, you feel the same way about something.
Example: We rarely argue. We're generally on the same wavelength.

sauce for the goose

Defined: The saying 'what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander' means that what is appropriate for one person should also be appropriate for the other person concerned.
Example: Women should earn the salary as men for the same job. What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander!

save your bacon

Defined: If you save someone's bacon, you rescue them from a dangerous or difficult situation.
Example: When Paul was a student, finding a room in return for dog-sitting really saved his bacon!

save your breath

Defined: If you tell someone to save their breath, you are telling them not to waste their time speaking because their words will have no effect.
Example: I've already given him the same advice and he won't listen, so you might as well save your breath.

save the day

Defined: If you find a solution to a serious problem, and ensure the success of something that was expected to fail, you save the day.
Example: The dog ate the apple pie I had made for my guests, but my sister saved the day by making one of her speedy desserts!

save face

Defined: When someone saves face, they manage to avoid humiliation or embarrassment and preserve their dignity and the respect of others.
Example: They allowed him to save face by accepting his resignation.

save one's skin/neck

Defined: If you manage to escape from serious danger or trouble, you save your skin (or neck).
Example: He saved his skin by reversing off the bridge just before it collapsed.

saved by the bell

Defined: If you are saved by the bell, something happens at the last minute to rescue you from a difficult situation.
Example: Saved by the bell! A friend arrived just when I realized I had no money for the parking meter.

saving grace

Defined: A person who has a saving grace has a quality that prevents them from being totally bad.
Example: She's a horrible person but she has one saving grace, her kindness to animals.

say a mouthful

Defined: If you make an important or lengthy remark, you say a mouthful.
Example: The customer said a mouthful when he gave the reason for his dissatisfaction.

scales fall from your eyes

Defined: When the scales fall from your eyes, you finally understand the truth about something.
Example: It was only when he was arrested for theft that the scales fell from my eyes and I realized where his money came from.

scarce as hen's teeth

Defined: To say that something is as scarce as hen's teeth emphasizes that it is extremely rare, to the point of non-existance.
Example: Take enough supplies. Water is as scarce as hen's teeth where you're going!

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