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yellow bellied

Defined: A person who is yellow-bellied is cowardly, or not at all hrave.
Example: The bus was full of yellow-bellied passengers who disappeared when the driver was attacked by two youths. /

yoke around one's neck

Defined: An obligation, commitment or restraint that becomes an oppressive burden is called a yoke around one's neck.
Example: When John lost his job, the repayments on the house became a yoke around his neck.

your don't know the half of it

Defined: This expression is used to tell someone that they know some of the facts but they don't know how bad the situation is.
Example: You don't know the half of it! He was beating her and terrorizing the children. That's why she left him.

your guess is as good as mine

Defined: When talking to another person, your guess is as good as mine means that neither of you knows the answer.
Example: "What happened to the coffee machine?" "Your guess is as good as mine!"

your money's worth

Defined: If you get your money's worth, you receive good value for the amount of money you spend.
Example: We bought a travel pass to use the public transport system and we really got our money's worth.

your wish is my command

Defined: This is a humoristic way of saying that you are willing to do whatever the other person asks.
Example: Breakfast in bed? Your wish is my command!

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