Idioms - A


Add fuel to the flames

Defined: Making an intense situation worse.
Example: Jim was upset because Sally's insurance was very expensive due to her speeding tickets. When she got into an accident, it only added fuel to the fire.

Ahead of the pack

Defined: Being ahead of the pack means one is ahead of others in the group.
Example: George always got his homework done before the other students. He was always ahead of the pack.

All ears

Defined: All ears means one is listening intentively.
Example: Jim approached Jen and asked if she could help him. Jen responded by saying that she was all ears.

Answering nature's call

Defined: Nature's call refers to one's need to use the toilet.
Example: Jack was really thirsty after his walk. But after drinking a two litre bottle of water, he had to answer nature's call.

As much use as a handbrake on a canoe

Defined: This idiom means that something is completely useless. Canoes do not use handbrakes and even if one was added, it would not function.
Example: Steph tried to fix her car's window with tape. It was as much use as a handbrake on a canoe.

At the very outside

Defined: It means that thisis the outer limit of something.
Example: When Sally took her car in for repairs, she was told that the cost would be $300 at the very outside.

at odds

Defined: To be at odds means you disagree.
Example: I am at odds the the explanation that Jim gave last night. I know he is not telling the truth!

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