Hire a Private Tutor

Classroom training offers student many benefits. Students are able to learn from others as well as the teacher. Students also get to practice their English skills in a social setting without the dear that comes from talking with native English speakers. However, classroom training does have some disadvantages.

With a private tutoring, my time is not divided among many students. I can focus my lesson plans and time on you. I can easily gauge your level of understanding and track down any source of issues. Private tutoring also creates an environment where there is no fear to voicing your difficulties and there is plenty of time to help you overcome any them.

You have complete control over the type of lessons that you wish to take. Do you want to focus on conversation skills? With this type of lesson there is no agenda or lesson plan. We practice general conversation on any topic that comes to mind. Or, would you prefer a structure lesson plan on developing your writing skills that is developed in to a course over several lessons.

For most students, participating in both private and classroom lessons provides the best results. When you are ready to find out more, please contact me by filling out this contact form.

Remote Learning Benefits

Lessons can be booked here for $20 per class here.
Course selection
Choose a specific course structure or conversation.
Choose the time and date of your sessions.
Using Google hangouts to learn from the safety of your home.
Recorded Classes
Have your class recorded for later viewing.
Small Groups
Include up to eight friends at a reduced rate per person.

Using Google Hangouts

Video Chatting

Google makes it easy so you can easily start using the video chatting service.


Want to proof a document togather? It's all included in your private session.