Improving your Pronunciation

Hi, my name is Simon and I am going to help you with your English pronunciation. Unless you are a native German speaker, you likely have trouble with several sounds in the English language such as th, t, d, l and r. While English has influences from the romance languages of Europe, English is a Germanic language ir origin.

To improve your pronunciation, you will need to improve those sounds that you are not good at while setting aside an hour or two each day speaking with a native English speaker. There are many free online classes available on the Internet through sites like I also recommend taking private classes once a week with a private tutor focusing on improving those weaknesses.

Learning to Tame Your Tongue

Over the next several months, I will be adding lessons that will help you improve your pronunciation.

Pronunciation can get our tongue tied in our own language, but when learning another language there are always sounds that are uncommon to us. These unknown sounds are hard to pronounce and English offers many challenges to ESL students like yourself.

Lessons Will Focus on Intonation, Reduction and Stress.

For stress lessons, I will focus on making sure that you apply the proper force to the right syllables in a word. Word stress is the force at which we speak each syllable. Some syllables have more stress than others so understanding that gets the right stress will help you apply stress like a native speaker.

For intonation lessons, I will focus on lessons that will help you apply the right tone and force in intonation lessons. Intonation is what makes a language come alive and sound native. While pronunciation is important in saying vowels and consontants the right way, intonation is what helps you speak as a native speaker.

Reduction lessons are very similar to stress and intonation lessons. Here we will focus on words change their sound depending on the sentence. Advanced lessons will focus extreme reduction that occurs in popular music and how better to recognize what is being sung. I will help you reduce your accent and speak more like a native speaker.