Speaking Skills

Improve your Speaking Skills with these tips

Speaking well is very important for anyone: whether you are a native English student or learning English as a second language. It will help you get a job, communicate your ideas effectively, speak in public, speaking with people around the world or simply travelling. English is the most spoken second language in the world.

I will focus on improving your speaking skills in both formal and informal settings. I will teach you how to enunciate your words and pronounce them correctly so that you can effectively communicate your ideas. I will also teach you how you can practice away from the classroom.

Four Areas that will help you Improve your Speaking Skills

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Informal Speaking Skills Informal speaking skills are those skills that we use when talking with friends, family and coworkers for which we familiar. Our speaking is more relaxed when we are with friends and family. We use more slang and idioms and joke around a lot more.

Formal Speaking Skills Formal speaking is very different. We speak in a professional manner, use fewer idioms and generally avoid slang. Informal speaking skills, we learn not just about speaking in a professional manner, but how to speak to sound convincing. I will teach you how to sound convincing, how to get people to listen to your every word and how to come across as trusting. I will also teach you the skills to deliver effective presentations and to speak effectively in public.

Small Talk I will teach you the importance of small talk, which subjects are off limits and which subjects are the best for making small talk. Small talk is very useful in the business world. Most meetings and conversations start with small talk and being able to participate will help you fit in.

Business Speak I will provide you with a modern vocabulary used in business in marketing, finance, accounting, information technology, construction and public health.