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25+ Eye-Opening SoundCloud Statistics You Must Know in 2024

25+ Eye-Opening SoundCloud Statistics You Must Know in 2024


Significant SoundCloud Statistics You Must Know in 2024

Major Statistics

  1. Paid users on SoundCloud every month are 76+ million.
  2. Over 265 million tracks are uploaded by artists.
  3. Users between 18-29 years account for 69% of SoundCloud listeners.
  4. SoundCloud listeners in urban areas are slightly above half.
  5. Hip-hop and R&B are the most listened-to genres on this platform.
  6. 60% of traffic on the platform comes from browser visits.
  7. The highest quarterly profit by the company was attained in Q4 2019.
  8. 40% of the company was laid off in 2017 due to bankruptcy.

Key SoundCloud Statistics and Facts

Key Facts

1. There are Over 175 Million Listeners of SoundCloud Every Month.

As of 2021, the number of SoundCloud listeners reached 175 million, accounting for registered users only. However, this figure is lower than the record in 2014, reaching its peak at 275 million users. Even with decreased active listeners, SoundCloud remained America’s 10th most used music-streaming platform.

2. SoundCloud has Over 76 Million Paid Users Monthly.

Although free streaming music on this platform is possible, paid memberships are also available on different devices. The subscription price isn’t going to tear your pocket or make you break the bank, but when you need a company, it may be worth considering. As of November 2021, SoundCloud recorded over 76 million active monthly users with an account. Interestingly, the majority of these subscribers are high school students and professionals.

3. As Much as 86% of SoundCloud Users Listen to Music on Their Mobile Phones, and 52% Use Laptops.

Users listening to music on the SoundCloud platform use their mobile devices more than laptops. Statistics reveal that about 86% of SoundCloud users listen to music on their mobile devices, while around 52% use laptops.

4. Individual Artists Uploaded Over 265 Million Tracks on SoundCloud.

The streaming service is open to both listeners and creators. This means anyone can listen to music for free and still upload tracks, provided they have the right to do so. SoundCloud is one of the world’s most famous platforms for streaming music. Its unique feature allows independent artists to share their work, leading to an impressive library of 265 million tracks uploaded by individual artists on this music-streaming platform. This figure is much higher than other streaming platforms like iTunes and Spotify, which have 75 million and 70 million tracks, respectively.

5. Renowned Artists Like Billie Eilish and Khalid Began Their Music Careers on SoundCloud Before Signing Contracts With Record Labels.

Several artists like Billie Eilish, Post Malone, Khalid, Megan, and Chance the Rapper, Thee Stallion, started their musical journey on SoundCloud. These artists embraced this platform to promote their songs even before they joined major record labels.

6. During the Pandemic, the Music-streaming Platform Donated About $15 Million to Aid Artists.

In 2020, SoundCloud launched a $15 million initiative to bolster the creator community during the COVID-19 pandemic. This initiative allowed creators or artists to add a direct promotional support button to their respective pages. This was done to help musicians, amidst the pandemic, boost their long-term careers and prevent their careers from crashing.

SoundCloud Usage Statistics

Usage Stats

7. The US Contributes the Highest Percentage of Mobile Traffic to the Website and Mobile App, at 27%, Followed by the UK.

Statistics show that as of 2021, the largest portion of the SoundCloud mobile app and website traffic comes from the US. Countries like the UK came second at 6%, Germany at 5%, and France at 3%.

8. 69% of SoundCloud Users in America are Aged 18-29.

According to statistics, 69% of SoundCloud listeners in the US are between 18 and 29 years old. This category of adults is likelier to listen to music, and fewer than 10% of the listeners are above 45 years old.

9. On Average, a SoundCloud User Resides in a Household of at Least Three Members.

Research data shows that a SoundCloud listener lives in a household of at least three members. Other data shows that 17% of the ardent users of this music-streaming platform belong to a household of five or more family members.

10. SoundCloud Platform is Male-dominated.

According to Similarweb data, 63.45% of SoundCloud’s audience is male, and female listeners comprise 36.55% of its user base. Notably, these figures account for SoundCloud listeners in the US alone.

11. The Urban Areas Have More SoundCloud Listeners than Rural Areas.

The distribution of SoundCloud users between urban and rural areas is nearly even. The urban location has about 52% of listeners, and the rural area records around 48% of listeners.

12. The Hip-hop and R&B Genre is the Playlist With the Highest Number of Listeners on SoundCloud (60%).

Hip-hop & R&B tops the list of music genres with the most listeners at 60%, and comedy occupies the second position at 54%. Pop also has a remarkable listener base, with 45% of Americans listening.

13. Religious, World, and Documentary-style Content Plays the Least in the SoundCloud Record.

Other genres, including religious music, world music, and documentary-style content, have fewer listeners, as low as 16.2%, 16%, and 19%, respectively.

14. Almost Half of the Artists’ Tracks are Being Played on SoundCloud.

Shockingly, out of the 30 million artists on the streaming platform, only 48% catch the interest of SoundCloud users monthly. This is an indicator that the majority of musicians go unheard.

15. When Asked, 60% of Users Confirmed They Visit the SoundCloud Platform Through Their Browsers.

SoundCloud secures second place for the most visited music-streaming platforms in the world. Statistics reveal that browser visits contribute to most of the SoundCloud traffic at 60%. Other traffic sources, such as search, social media, and referrals, account for 17.8%, 9.5%, and 2.5%, respectively.

16. A SoundCloud User’s Average Daily Listening Time is Approximately Four Minutes.

On average, a SoundCloud user listens to music on the SoundCloud platform for 3 minutes and 48 seconds daily. Frequent listeners account for 30%, spending over 11 hours weekly on the SoundCloud site or application.

Financial SoundCloud Statistics

Financial SoundCloud Statistics

17. The Valuation of this Amazing Music-streaming Platform is Estimated to be $900 Million in 2021.

SoundCloud was valued at $500 million in 2017, indicating a 28% decrease from its previous valuation in 2014. Other research data reveals the brand’s worth in 2022 was $80 million. The company had grown financially, and its valuation in 2023 hit $1 billion.

18. Since its Inception, the Brand’s Quarterly Profit Peak was Attained in the Fourth Quarter of 2019.

Business has not been a bed of roses for a company like SoundCloud. The highest-ever profit generated by this brand since it was founded in 2007 was in Q4 2019, hitting $200 million. Revenue growth skyrocketed as the years passed, with massive evidence of a 43% year-over-year increase in Q4 2019.

19. In 2020, the SoundCloud App Ranked Fourth Among the Highest Revenue-earning Music Applications.

Pandora tops the list of music-streaming services with significant earnings; YouTube Music and Amazon Music trail closely behind. SoundCloud occupied the fourth position on the list of revenue-earning music apps in 2020.

20. SoundCloud Laid Off About 40% of its Employees in 2017 and Closed Two Major Offices in Prime Locations.

The famous music-streaming platform faced a business setback, which led to the closing of two of its offices in San Francisco and London. That wasn’t the end; SoundCloud sold off 40% of the company in the same year. This prevented the company from running out of money in what looked like a last shot at survival. Even though the company got some financial injections in the same year, statistics from different years indicate financial uncertainty in some years.

21. Between 2016 and 2017, SoundCloud Experienced Significant Growth in Revenue by up to 80%.

Financial reports from the company show that during this period, its revenue increased significantly to more than $100 million in 2017. Despite experiencing losses, the company’s revenue showed year-on-year global growth of 80%, making the most remarkable financial boost in history.

22. The Raine Group Invested Around $169.5 Million in SoundCloud in 2017.

In a bid to save SoundCloud from going bankrupt in 2017, The Raine Group and Temasek Holdings collectively invested around $169.5 million into it. In addition, the music-streaming platform experienced substantial support from external institutions over the years.

23. In 2020, Another Company Named Sirius XM Invested $75 Million into this Music-streaming Service.

The support of its partners certainly helped SoundCloud overcome its financial difficulties, and it continues to develop as a major audio-sharing platform. In addition to the financial aid received from The Raine Group and others, Sirius XM invested $75 million.

SoundCloud Growth Statistics

SoundCloud Growth Statistics

24. Twelve Hours of New Music, Audio, or Podcasts are Uploaded to the SoundCloud Platform Each Minute.

This music-streaming platform is important for artists to showcase their content to the world, connect to their fans, and receive feedback. According to statistics, SoundCloud streams enormous amounts of content, particularly 12 hours of audio every minute.

25. For Now, the Paid Membership Packages for Music Listeners are SoundCloud Go and SoundCloud Go+.

The company offers two diverse membership packages for listeners: SoundCloud Go and SoundCloud Go+. The SoundCloud Go is available for subscribers, giving unlimited offline access and an ad-free service. The SoundCloud Go+ subscription offers a staggering 30 million premium tracks, an auditory pleasure for music lovers and audiophiles alike. In addition to the numerous tracks, SoundCloud Go+ provides higher audio quality.

26. To Upload Music on the SoundCloud Platform, Creators Must Create an Account.

As a creator, you need an account to gain access to upload music on the platform. This platform showcases your musical works with other music distribution services. As of 2021, the SoundCloud platform boasts an impressive 30 million+ creators with a vast list of audio and music tracks. Statistics also show roughly 25 million creators on SoundCloud in 2020. This is to show the expansion in the creator community, which subsequently led to SoundCloud supporting the community.

27. SoundCloud Purchased Two Acquisitions After its Establishment.

Even though SoundCloud experienced some financial hiccups, the company has grown through acquisitions. Since its inception, SoundCloud acquired a music management startup company, Instinctive, in June 2012 and a distribution channel company, Repost Network, in May 2019. The music-streaming platform also acquired the Singapore-based music AI Company named Musiio in May 2022. Soundcloud purchased the brand to increase the website’s discovery capabilities.

28. Luckily, Around 80,000 Artists Use the Repost Network to Circulate Their Music Online.

The Repost Network was to assist artists in making a living off their creative output. Statistics reveal that over 80,000 artists spread and monetize their content with SoundCloud’s distribution service, Repost Network.


Everyone loves listening to a song, even though individual styles differ. You can imagine how frustrating it can be when you can’t stream your favorite playlists on the go. SoundCloud comes in here. SoundCloud’s unique features let users upload, stream, and share music and podcasts on the go, wherever and whenever.

The platform offers free and paid subscriptions with ad-free listening and offline listening options for fans. This article shares some interesting facts about SoundCloud and analyzes the latest statistics, including the available subscription packages. We have also reviewed vital usage and financial statistics of this leading music-streaming platform to help you decide if SoundCloud fits your streaming requirements this year.


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