Home Editor Picks 5 Women Talk About Common Insecurities Men Have That Girls Don’t Pay Attention To

5 Women Talk About Common Insecurities Men Have That Girls Don’t Pay Attention To

5 Women Talk About Common Insecurities Men Have That Girls Don’t Pay Attention To


Male models on your Instagram feed seem to be blessed with full, leonine hair but to you—a man who’s trying to keep up with his thinning hair—the world of style feels somewhat inhospitable. 

The size of your paycheck and the size of your penis are also keeping some of you up at night.

But are you sure that’s what your girl is thinking about?

Just to clear your doubts, we asked five women what they feel about some of the most common insecurities men have.

1. “Muscles, baby. A good portion of us doesn’t give a shit about that.” – Sunakshi Sehgal, Media Professional

“I respected my ex’s passion for his muscles but hated the fact that everything else—our relationship, work, emotions, home—could never become his priority.

I like maintaining a balance between healthy and fried food but I shied away from eating it in front of him. I felt alienated.

I didn’t fall for him because of his muscles. It was his willingness to commit that got me hooked. I ended up marrying a guy with a personality that complemented my entire life not just my body.”

2. “I never noticed his penis size until my boyfriend asked me about it.” – Ritu Sachdev, Senior Product Manager

“By the age of 28, I had dated a few guys and one thing that was common in everyone was their concern about the penis size. I tried to tell them that as long as I am emotionally involved with you, I will always have fun in bed. It doesn’t have much to do with the size. I enjoyed the closeness. 

They still felt insecure so I clearly failed at convincing them but I hope I am conveying it clearly enough that it’s not the size of your penis, it’s the level of intimacy and technique that makes a difference.

If a girl feels free to do and say anything to you when you’re in bed, you’re golden” 

3. “I still don’t understand the whole alpha male situation.” – Sonali Sharma, Finance Manager

“I like guys who tell me about their feelings, their problems. It makes me feel involved. Being a part of my boy’s life, that’s all I want. I don’t care who pays the bills. 

Sure, I want to feel safe when I’m with my man but overprotectiveness, stubbornness and insecurity are the enemies of a long term relationship.” 

4. “When I fell for him, I didn’t think about his skin tone even for a split second.” – Kanupriya Mehta, Senior Analyst

“My husband often jokes about the fact that I must have wanted to end up with a fair guy. But sometimes I worry he might be seriously thinking about it. 

Might sound cheesy but I just felt like he was my home when I met him the first time. I saw a future with him. I could picture myself having kids with this man.

I never, ever thought about his colour. I can see that he feels insecure but it’s not what girls are noticing, trust me.”

5. “My husband is shorter than me and it bothers him. Not me.” – Arushi Kashyap, Talent Acquisition 

“I’m a tall woman and I have been blessed enough to not experience any uninvited comments because of that. My, now husband, then boss and boyfriend, was so uncomfortable that he was shorter than me. 

It’s not like he wanted me to stop wearing heels or anything but I could see it bothered him. Right before our wedding, he gave me the last chance to break up and all I could say was that I love him more than that.

I didn’t care how people saw us. I saw him as mine. The first thing I noticed about him was his leadership skills. He cared for his team. It was never the height.” 

The Bottomline

The issues that are keeping you up at night might not be the ones most girls are noticing. So chillax!  

Are there any other common insecurities not mentioned in the list? Tell me in the comments below.

Please note: The names have been changed to maintain confidentiality. 

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