Home Editor Picks ‘Absolutely shocked’: Aussie tourists stunned by insane cost of burger

‘Absolutely shocked’: Aussie tourists stunned by insane cost of burger

‘Absolutely shocked’: Aussie tourists stunned by insane cost of burger


Two Australian travellers were left “absolutely shocked” when they realised they had forked out a whopping $150 for two burgers and chips, and one soft drink, at their hotel in Europe.

“We thought they made a mistake,” Maria Antoniou told news.com.au.

Maria and her partner Anthony were staying in Grindelwald, a village in Switzerland’s Bernese Alps.

Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in the world, but is popular among travellers for its incredible natural beauty.

The couple knew it was going to be a costly spot to visit from their research, but Maria says “actually experiencing the prices was next level.”

“We didn’t really shop in Switzerland so I can’t speak on that, but all the food was excessive in price,” she said.

“If I was in Australia and got told two burgers were $150 I would have walked out.”

Maria explained the crazy prices were not just isolated to their hotel.

“We found the street food to be a similar price, unless you were buying from the grocer — which many people were,” she said.

Maria and Anthony, who travelled for four months, said Grindelwald, Switzerland was definitely the most expensive destination they visited, followed by Santorini, Greece – another tourist hotspot.

The couple, who have created a series of travel guides for other Aussies, said despite the pricey food, Switzerland deserves a spot on people’s travel lists.

“One of the most beautiful countries we’ve ever visited,” Maria said. “No photo or video will ever do Switzerland justice. My partner and I can’t wait to go back. Just make sure you save, save, save.”

Aussie traveller highlights Switzerland's high costs from personal experience

When Maria shared her experience on her TikTok account – @mariaantoniouu21 – other Aussies agreed they too were stunned at how much food cost when visiting Switzerland.

“We got three large meals from Burger King and it was 210 Australian dollars,” said one woman who had visited Interlaken, a popular Swiss resort town.

“Big Mac meal cost me $35 AUD in Zurich,” said another who ate at McDonald’s in Switzerland’s largest city.

“I paid $15 AUD for a cup of noodles from my hostel gift shop,” shared a traveller on a budget.


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