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All riftstone locations in Dragon’s Dogma 2

All riftstone locations in Dragon’s Dogma 2


Riftstones are one of the greatest devices at your disposal in Dragon’s Dogma 2, allowing you to cycle new pawns into your party. Sure, these special characters aren’t always smart enough to avoid falling from a cliff, but they will follow your orders and fight for you. And finding the right pawn means finding the right riftstone.

By interacting with rifstones in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you enter the Rift, a dimension where you can see pawns from other worlds and summarily hire them. But not all riftstones are created equal. Some let you peruse a library of pawns, others only let you hire a certain type of pawn, and a few can only be used once.

In this Dragon’s Dogma 2 guide, we’ll explain the various types of riftstones in the game. We’ll also provide you a list (replete with maps) of all riftstone locations in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Every riftstone type in Dragon’s Dogma 2

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, there are three types of riftstones, each used to invoke pawns in one way or another. We’ll get into more detail below, but at glance, here are the categories:

  • City Riftstones: Situated in cities, allow you to perform many pawn tasks
  • Forgotten Riftstones: Single-use riftstones that summon a random pawn
  • Plain ol’ regular riftstones: Standard riftstones

In every major city or village in the game, you can find City Riftstones. These are named after the places in which you find them. By using these Riftstones, you can not only invoke pawns but search for specific ones, set pawn quests for your main pawn, and so on. Here’s a list of all City Riftstones in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and where to find them.

City Riftstone names and locations

Name Location
Name Location
Grand Riftstone of Vermund Vernworth
Nameless Riftstone Nameless Village
Borderwatch Riftsttone Borderwatch Outpost – Northeast of Melve
Melve Riftstone Melve
Arborheart Riftstone Sacred Arbor – Malachite Forest
Border Checkpoint Riftstone North Border Checkpoint – Frontier with Battahl
Grand Riftstone of Battahl Bakbattahl
Volcanic Island Riftstone Volcanic Island Camp
Agamen Ruins Riftstone Excavation Site

Forgotten Riftstones are the second type of riftstone. You can only activate a Forgotten Riftstone once; doing so summons a powerful pawn that will cost you zero rift crystals to hire, but all of their characteristics (including their vocation) are randomized. But considering how strong they are, it’s often worth adding these pawns to your party. Here’s a list of all Forgotten Riftstones in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Forgotten Riftstone locations

North from Vernworth – Road to Melve
North from Vernworth – Road to Melve
East from Vernworth – Close to the ocean
Southwest from Nameless Village – Close to the ocean
West from Namless Village
Northeast from Vernworth
North from Vernworth – Road to Melve
Northwest from Melve
Near Trevo Mine South from Malachite Forest
West from Ancient Battleground
South from the North Border Checkpoint
Northwest from Bakbattahl
Northeast from Bakbattahl

Finally, regular riftstones are exactly that: the most common ones in the game. You can use these riftstones as many times as you want, though the quality of the pawns you’ll summon varies considerably. Each riftstone has a different effect on the pawns you summon from it determined by the riftstone’s name. When you activate a Riftstone of the Fanged, for instance, you’ll only encounter beastren, while a Riftstone of the Patterned summons pawns with “distinctive tattoos.” If you’re looking for a specific pawn, you should check the location of the best riftstone to summon them.

A Dragon’s Dogma 2 hero stands in the rift of a riftstone looking at a menu that filters pawns.

Image: Capcom via Polygon

To that end, here’s a a list of all riftstones in Dragon’s Dogma 2, their general location, and the effects of the pawns you summon from them.

All riftstone effects and locations

Name Location(s) Effect
Name Location(s) Effect
Riftstone of Abundance Northwest of Melve // East of Bakbattahl Find pawns with a distinctive upper half
Riftstone of Agility North from Harve Village Find pawns of slim build
Riftstone of the Beloved South from Sacred Arbor Find pawns who have been given high ratings
Riftstone of Calm West from Nameless Village Find pawns of the calm inclination
Riftstone of Daybreak North of Harve Village // South of Bakbattahl Find pawns with a distinctive pate
Riftstone of Duty North of Vernworth // North of Harve Village Find pawns with pawn quests
Riftstone of Evenfall Northwest of Vernworth Find female pawns of small stature
Riftstone of the Fanged West of Harve Village, en route to Checkpoint Rest Town // South of Checkpoint Rest Town // Southwest of Bakbattahl // Southeast of Wyrmsblood Forest Find beastren pawns
Riftstone of Fellowship Southwest of Malachite Forest // West of the Ancient Battleground // North of the Checkpoint Rest TOwn Find pawns with special monikers
Riftstone of the Foothills North of Vernworth // Northwest of Bakbattahl Find male pawns of small stature
Riftstone of the Kindhearted Northwest of Nameless Village // South of Northern Vermund, en route to Melve Find pawns of the kindhearted inclination
Riftstone of Nootide Northwest of Vernworth, near the road to Harve // East of Sacred Arbor // South of the Checkpoint Rest Town Find female pawns of large stature
Riftstone of the Patterned Northwest of Wyrmsblood Forest Find pawns with distinctive tattoos
Riftstone of Perseverance Ancient Battleground // Wyrmsblood Forest, near the campfire Find pawns with distinctive scars
Riftstone of Potential West of Volcanic Island Camp Finds pawns who lack travel experience
Riftstone of Remembrance North of Nameless Village // Northeast of Bakbattahl Find pawns you have encountered previously
Riftstone of Robustness Northwest of Nameless Village, en route to Melve // Northwest of Vernworth, en route to Malachite Forest // North of Enoa’Batthal Forest Find pawns with a brawny build
Riftstone of the Simple Northwest of Nameless Village // Southeast of Sacred Arbor // South of Checkpoint Rest Town Find pawns of the simple inclination
Riftstone of Solidity Northwest of Nameless Village // Northwest of Vernworth, near the road to Malachite Forest Find pawns with well-rounded figures
Riftstone of the Straightforward East of Vernworth // East of Melve, en route to Vernworth // North of Harve Find pawns of the straightforward inclination
Riftstone of the Summit North of Malachite Forest // South of the Checkpoint Rest Town Find male pawns of large stature
Riftstone of Uniformity West of Nameless Village // North of the Volcanic Island Camp, near the bridge Find pawns who share the same moniker

All Riftstone Locations in Dragon’s Dogma 2

In this section, you will find the maps of the three regions indicating the location of each Riftstone from the regular types to the city Riftstones.

Vermund riftstone locations

The first (and main) area of the game is where you’ll find most of the riftstones in Dragon’s Dogma 2. When looking for them, consider that Vermund features some high places where you can only get to by climbing rocks.

Battahl riftstone locations

You’ll likely make your way to Battahl after completing the “Feast of Deception” mission. The riftstones in Battahl are generally easier to find than those of Vermund because of how open the area is. Don’t forget to look for rocks to climb and reach the higher areas.

Agamen Volcanic Island riftstone locations

The last and most dangerous region in the game, Agamen Volcanic Island hides only a few riftstones. When looking searching for riftstones in this area, bear in mind that some enemies can freeze you, making it hard to just run your way through the region from one riftstone to the next.

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