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Bali’s surprise move after influx of tourists

Bali’s surprise move after influx of tourists

Bali is becoming even more popular with the island set to achieve its ambitious tourism goal in 2024.

From its stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, affordability and warm hospitality it’s no wonder why travellers flock to the Island of the Gods, with Aussies accounting for more than a quarter of tourists.

In 2023, Bali hosted 11.4 million visitors and following that success, it’s en route to achieving its 14 million goal this year.

Given its rise in popularity, Bali officials are now calling for the province to be granted special autonomous zone status for tourism so that leaders can manage the island in a way that is environmentally sustainable, economically prosperous and beneficial to local people.

In making Bali a Special Autonomous Region for Tourism, the aim is to have all tourism development choices governed by one agency.

This also comes off the back of rapid developments on the island.

According to The Bali Sun, officials have confirmed that part of the reason why tourism development in Bali has been allowed to spread so quickly is because spatial planning and building permits have not been granted with a single vision in mind.

Secretary of the Prajaniti DPD for Bali Province, I Made Dwija Suastana, is calling for an emergency committee to be created within the Ali Provincial Government so that a moratorium can be brought into effect as quickly as possible, the publication reported.

“Previously there was a proposal to form a special Bali tourism authority, as an umbrella for this proposal I promise to make Bali a Special Autonomous Region for Cultural Tourism,” he said,

He explained that if Bali becomes a special autonomous region for cultural tourism, then Bali’s opportunity to live from tourism can be managed by Bali for sustainable cultural tourism.

According to the latest data unveiled by the Bali Central Bureau of Statistics, the influx of tourists reached 469,227 visits during March 2024 — an increase of 3.06 per cent compared to February 2024.

But April was the busiest month in 2024 for Bali Airport with 1,109,958 international passengers and 830,870 domestic passengers, with May figures now set to surpass April.

The rise in tourism over the April period has been attributed to public holidays and annual leave for millions of Indonesian tourists during the Idul Fitri Holiday which took place in early April.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk’s surprise visit to Bali over the weekend is one reason May figures will be on the pointy end.

The tech billionaire visited the island for the first time ahead of the launch of his broadband satellite internet service, Starlink

It comes as Indonesia continues to level up its connectivity infrastructure nationwide, with the aim to extend the internet to remote areas of the country.

The digital nomad life in Bali has become more appealing over the years with the island a thriving hub for those seeking a balance between work and adventure.

It has become a home away from home for remote workers, entrepreneurs and freelancers who rely on speedy connections.

As such, officials have enlisted the tech mogul’s satellite internet service to help up its game, with a trial to take place in Nusantara, the future capital of Indonesia, for the first month, before a full-scale launch shortly after.

During his visit, Musk also attended the World Water Forum which is currently being held on the holiday island until May 25.

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