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Best Gotva Prime build in Warframe

Best Gotva Prime build in Warframe


The Gotva Prime is an amazing primary weapon to build in Warframe. It may seem like a standard assault rifle, but there’s more than meets the eye with this thing. So, once you get your hands on it from Baro Ki’Teer, here’s a solid build that can be used practically anywhere in the game.

Best Gotva Prime build in Warframe

To start, this weapon is unique in that it only deals Puncture damage. This makes it an ideal weapon against armored enemies. However, it reduces enemy damage output and increases critical damage taken by affected enemies.

The Gotva Prime also has a passive trait where, upon inflicting a status effect, your next shot has a 15% chance of having a 300% Critical Chance. Randomly, you’re going to be hitting red crits, which massively increases your DPS. 

We’ll capitalize on all the weapon’s strengths with this mod build:

  • Galvanized Aptitude
  • Galvanized Chamber
  • Vital Sense
  • Malignant Force
  • Primed Cryo Rounds
  • Radiated Reload
  • Hunter Munitions
  • Critical Delay
  • Exilus: Vigilante Supplies

Arcane: Primary Merciless

Best Warframe Gotva Prime build
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With this mod setup, you have greatly increased every strength of the Gotva Prime. With increased stats to criticals, the passive effect is going to deal heavily increased damage to the point where you may one-shot enemies or deal massive damage to high-leveled enemies.

Pair that with the increased status effect chance and Hunter Munitions. At some point, your enemies will be covered with numbers and symbols that eventually, the UI will get in the way. That’s okay because, most likely, they’ll be dead.

The elemental mods used here increase damage to armor and health. Radiation will help soften armor and make enemies fight each other while Viral will make them prone to more damage.

As for the Arcane, Primary Merciless is the most versatile option. More kills means more damage output. It’s used as a replacement for a typical damage mod like Serration or Heavy Caliber. 

If you like assault rifles in this game, you need to get Gotva Prime. It easily outclasses most other guns of this type and it it’ll start shining with just two Formas.

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