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Black Beacon promises subculture action, just announced

Black Beacon promises subculture action, just announced


  • Black Beacon is an upcoming action RPG
  • It’s also one making some really big promises
  • Can it measure up? Let’s dig in

When it comes to games we sometimes get ones that make really big promises, and then there’s Black Beacon. A recently announced mobile game that’s making some big promises, and is also set for a major rollout to over 80 countries on the iOS App Store and Google Play.

Want to see what we mean? Well just read this, “Black Beacon isn’t just another mobile game—it’s a masterpiece that promises to transport players into an immersive subculture universe. With characters that are visually stunning and a narrative that bridges the past and present, Black Beacon delivers exhilarating action and a deep, rich storyline that keeps players engaged.”

That’s certainly something, but can it deliver? Well, having taken a look at the trailer for Black Beacon we can’t fault it for its design, but we’re not sure whether this gacha action roleplaying game can measure up to such loft promises.

What’s it all about? A screenshot from top-down roleplaying game Black Beacon

From what we can gauge, Black Beacon functions as a top-down action roleplaying game, not unlike Diablo. The designs certainly look unusual, and we can’t deny the simple, visceral visual pleasure of unleashing flashy moves on hordes of enemies.

However, we’re also not sure it’s doing anything to stand out beyond those designs. Hack ‘n slash gameplay like that can be a bit mindless when done wrong, but very fun when done right. But you’ll be able to judge for yourself soon enough, as Black Beacon is set to hit storefronts soon.

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