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College Basketball Manager Official Game Announcement

College Basketball Manager Official Game Announcement


Become a College Basketball Manager

The solo indie game developer Aaron Lunacien has officially announced his upcoming title, College Basketball Manager. It will be coming out on PC via Steam and the release date will be revealed soon. So, get ready to control every aspect of your college basketball program. This includes recruiting players, developing them, implementing the game plan, and winning the championship.

In College Basketball Manager, you will embark on the ultimate coaching journey. This groundbreaking management game allows you to take control of your favorite school’s basketball program whether you’re beginning with humble origins and striving for greatness, or stepping into the role of your cherished college team to create a legacy that endures for decades.

The game perfectly merges the excitement of college basketball with strategic gameplay tailored to your coaching style. Recruit the next generation’s star, guide your team to victories, and shape your coaching legacy. It’s time to shape your coaching legacy with critical decisions both on and off the virtual court. Manage practice schedules, strategize gameplays, schedule games, and manage your staff to create a powerhouse. It also offers extensive options for customization.

Key features:

– Execute game plans through a dynamic simulation engine, boasting an array of offensive and defensive strategies.

– Recruit high school players to bolster your team, crafting compelling pitches to sway recruits and outmaneuver your rivals in recruiting battles.

– Develop your players both during the season and off to align with your playing style and gain a competitive edge.

– Level up your coaching skills.

– Comprehensive stat tracking for every player and team.

– Dive into team and league histories, past game results, awards, coaching careers, and records with just a click.



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