Home Editor Picks Fresh details emerge in Brisbane Lions’ leaked WhatsApp chat saga

Fresh details emerge in Brisbane Lions’ leaked WhatsApp chat saga

Fresh details emerge in Brisbane Lions’ leaked WhatsApp chat saga

Fresh details of the Brisbane Lions leaked WhatsApp chat group saga have come to light.

Lions club leaders came together on Good Friday to hold crisis talks to ensure the fallout from an end of season trip to the United States no longer has ramifications on their 2024 season.

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The talks were reportedly held after a WhatsApp group chat, which detailed what the players were getting up to in the United States, was seen by one player’s partner.

The Herald Sun reported one of the players accidentally uploaded the group chat to iCloud on his Apple Phone, before it was accessed on a shared device by his partner back home.

The player’s partner is then said to have shared the messages with other partners who became enraged with what was unfolding on the trip which ended in Las Vegas in November.

While details surrounding what the messages said remain unclear, football journalist Caroline Wilson shared fresh information over the incident which saw players depart the end of season trip early.

The veteran journo also confirmed one key Lions player and his partner had called time on their relationship.

“Some photographs, nothing hugely incriminating, but some photographs that partners weren’t happy about might have accidentally been sent home,” Wilson said on 3AW.

“Some players went home early as a result of this and at least one key player and his partner have broken up.

“Whether that was purely because of what happened on the trip or not I don’t know.

“It is also true that some players were not happy that they might have been exposed.

“Danny Daly the head of footy at the Lions, as a result of the reporting and the rumours on Monday called Harris Andrews and he called Lachie Neale and he said ‘look you have to come clean with me is there anything in this? Is there a split in the playing group, are people blueing?’

“The two leaders vehemently denied this.”

Lions chief executive Greg Swann backed up the thoughts of the captains and said the off-field drama has nothing to do with their on-field performances.

“If the question is, ‘Is there a split in a group?’ Well, no there isn’t,” Swann told the Herald Sun.

“It’s just bulls***. There’s no split in the group. This was in November, by the way. It’s not the reason we’re going no good.”

AFL journalist Sam McClure however said it was causing headaches within the walls of the club and had led to “tough conversations” being held.

“From what people inside the club have told me, it’s certainly been a few headaches since the trip to America late last year between 10 players, a fair chunk of which were Brisbane players,” McClure said on 3AW

“It ended in Las Vegas and certain information got home to loved ones that didn’t go down too well.

“It’s caused rifts in some relationships. It’s caused other relationships to end between players and partners.

“There’s even suggestions put to me today that it has caused some tough conversations to be had between teammates as to what went on on that US trip.”

Brisbane board member Leigh Matthews was on 3AW radio when colleague Sam McClure reported the story on Friday.

“It’s a little bit difficult for me because I only found out about this when you (McClure) mentioned this 10 minutes ago, so it’s not something I was aware of as a board member at the Lions. Whatever transpired is complete news to me,” Matthews said.

“But the principle of the thing, which is really what we’re talking about here, if there’s friction between players or partners of players behind the scenes, that’s not a good thing … ‘if’ is the big word.”

Essendon great Matthew Lloyd added: “It’s not just relationships between teammates and whether they’ve broken down, but it’s the relationship back home and how you are going in your home life is so much about how your football goes.”

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