Home Editor Picks ‘Greece look-a-like’ beach in Aus goes viral

‘Greece look-a-like’ beach in Aus goes viral

‘Greece look-a-like’ beach in Aus goes viral

The Greek islands are known for its bewildering beaches, sheltered bays, coastal caves and whitewashed facades that have tourist falling in love at first sight.

But, given the distance from Australia to the stunning European destination, it’s something that has to be planned well in advance.

Instead, tourists have discovered an alternative right on our doorsteps. Of course, it’s not the real deal but they have likened the Aussie hotspot to the crystal clear waters and white rocky cliffs of the Greek islands.

The Aussie beach that looks like you're in Greece

“If you’re like me and always wanted to go to Greece, look no further, there’s a look alike down the road,” British expat Samantha said in an Instagram post.

Samantha, who goes by the handle ‘_thetravelher’ is talking about Hamelin Bay on the southwest coast of Western Australia.

“Now I’ve actually never been to Greece (of course it’s on my bucket-list though, where isn’t) but this is what I imagine it looking like.”

She pointed out that some areas at Hamelin Bay are roped off with signs warning visitors of cliff fall danger.

“It does state it’s ‘your responsibility’ and there aren’t any specific do-not-enter signs, so I’d suggest seeing how you feel about the danger of rock fall and making your own decision,” she wrote. ️

“We went for sunset and sunrise and saw countless stingrays and dolphins, we got so lucky. “Hamelin Bay to me is just the most beautiful magical place. So if you’re planning a trip to Western Australia, Hamelin Bay NEEDS to be on your itinerary.”

Hamelin Bay’s turquoise waters are filled with marine life, and spectacular coastal cliff walks with the sheltered bay great for swimming, snorkelling and fishing where divers also able to explore a nearby shipwreck.

However, given the waters are known for having an abundance of stingrays, visitors are warned to respect wild marine life.

“You may also spot a stingray as they sometimes swim close to the shoreline. Keep in mind that these are wild creatures and maintain your distance to respect their space. Please do not touch, feed or disturb wildlife,” the Marget River Region website states.

Hamelin Bay, just north of Augusta and four hours south of Perth, is also home to a fully-serviced caravan and camping area.

“If time permits continue your journey into Augusta and visit the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse where the Indian and Southern Oceans meet,” the Western Australia website suggests.

Samantha’s post has attracted more than 108,000 ‘likes’ with many agreeing that the hotspot has a resemblance to the Greek islands.

“Unreal,” one person wrote.

“It does have that sense of being on the Greek islands,” said another, while a third added: “So beautiful. want to explore this place soon.”

TikTok is also awash with clips showing off the crystal clear waters, marine life and white rocky cliffs.

“One of my fav beaches,” one person wrote. “This place is a must-see,” said another.

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