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How locals spot US tourists in this country

How locals spot US tourists in this country

An American woman living in Italy has revealed the four “obvious” signs that prove to locals she’s a tourist.

Rachael Sullivan, from Florida, moved to Florence in January this year and since then she’s picked up on the common signs tourists, especially from the US, make to give away they’re not from the country.

She said the first telltale sign is walking around with a Stanley water bottle.

4 signs which give away you're a tourist in Italy

“Italians do not carry water bottles anywhere. Like three girls just walked past carrying a water bottle; you’re American, I already know,” she said while filming herself walking the streets of Florence.

Rachael then spoke about coffee etiquette and said Italians generally will never take a coffee or pastry to go.

“If you have your coffee to go (or any pastry for that matter), you’re probably American.”

And she’s not wrong. Coffee culture in Italy is a serious thing and it’s often enjoyed standing up while at the counter or bar (al banco).

According to the blog Italian Connection, the same coffee can cost significantly more if it is served to you at a table.

“Italians only drink cappuccino in the morning, and nothing marks you more as a foreigner then ordering cappuccino after a great meal,” it reads.

Meanwhile, Rachel revealed another giveaway that a tourist is particularly American is the way in which they walk at “super speed”.

“There’s a certain speed that Italians walk at and Americans triple that every time,” she said.

“Americans walk so much faster – with so much more urgency than any Italian I’ve ever seen.”

And finally, another dead giveaway is the “American lean”.

“Americans lean on things because we’re just lazy,” she explains.

“I guess Italians don’t lean on things … they just don’t. They stand up straight.”

In her clip that has amassed almost 1 million views, Rachel encourages fellow tourists and expats to share their observations.

“I’m American and I could spot others by their volume being so loud,” one person responded.

One TikToker said when she smiled after being handed a flyer when living in England, the person immediately figured she was an American.

“She said ‘Oh, you’re American’ and I said ‘how did you know?’ And she said ‘your teeth’.”

Another said shoes/socks are “usually the give away to me”.

“Very different brands/styles,” they added, while another responded: “I was told my socks give it away”.

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