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How To Build A Left Swipe-Proof Online Dating Profile

How To Build A Left Swipe-Proof Online Dating Profile


“Just to make it simple, yes, I am single 

“Just another unknown guy next door. Chatterbox in friendly surroundings. Otherwise, seen holding a mug of beer and speaking too less. If not your date, happy to be your wingman :)” 

“Looking for a girl to persuade for marriage which seems close to impossible. Let me try and see.”

“6’1 / Surfer / Traveller / Simple and easy going / recently moved  P.S. Blame that guy if we start dating haha.”

What’s common in these 100% authentic bios I culled out from an online dating app? They all got right swipes from five of my friends.

Regardless of which online dating platform you choose—Bumble, Tinder, Hinge, OkCupid—you’ll need to create an impressive profile. Assuming you’d like to outshine a million others, I will go ahead and share some dos and don’ts that’ll help you create a left swipe-proof profile.

1. Bet On A Short & Smart Bio

You skim through long articles, big numbers, difficult-to-pronounce names, don’t you? The person seeing your profile might do the same. 

Witty one-liners with the right amount of self-description that makes you sound sincere and confident are often enough for a good online profile. Being yourself will pay off.

No one wants your description to sound overly smart. This gives the impression that you spend a lot of time writing bios for your profile. It’s not the most attractive trait, to be honest.

You want to appear funny, charismatic and real. Write something that you can come up with while walking home. Easy. Highlight your expertise—you don’t have to be an IITian, you can simply say that you’re a pro-memer, if that’s what you’re really good at.

Avoid SMS English—u, ur, luk, hawt. It’s not cool. It gives a childish impression.    

2. Mention What You Do

“CEO at Office”, “Designer at fashion”, “Professional at IT”, “None of your business”. 

No. No, absolutely not. No one finds it impressive or funny. It’s not cool. You’re about to talk to a person. You want them to trust you. You don’t want them to think that you’re rude, unemployed or someone who is not willing to reveal his true identity. 

Mentioning what you really do will help the other person find the common ground. It’ll help them trust you and take you seriously. If you still don’t want to write, leave the column blank. But steer clear from making up a job title that doesn’t exist. 

3. Choose The Right Variety Of Pictures

Bad choices include:

  • Pictures with an ex. 
  • The ones where your face isn’t clear.
  • Edited selfies.
  • Photoshopped clicks.
  • Too many group photos.

A good choice would be:

  • Two-three pictures where you’re properly visible.
  • Your in-action shots that highlight your interest such as a pool game, meeting a band backstage, etc.
  • Selfie with your pet.

Basically, don’t confuse your potential matches. Women love to see a man’s sense of focus and intensity. Let them see the real you so you can actually go ahead and date after matching instead of feeling too insecure to meet.

4. No Half Naked Pics With Your Six-Packs Showing

You’re a super fit dude—it’s a nice surprise a girl can discover later on. For now, you don’t want to seem too obsessed with your own body. You’re on the platform to connect with a person. A self-indulgent torso selfie will alienate you. 

Even if you’re looking for something casual, gym shots aren’t a great choice.

5. Steer Clear Of The Negatives

Do not lead with what you don’t want. 

“Don’t match me if you’re not going to reply,” “don’t waste my time if you’re not a talker, “no one shorter than 5ft 6in”, “fake profiles, stay away”. 

You might have had bad experiences in the past, you’re frustrated and that’s understandable but please understand that’s not your new potential match’s fault. 

Fake profiles, people who don’t reply quickly—it’s a demerit of online dating. 

You don’t want to sound bitter. That’s not how you start a positive conversation. Again, you’ll end up alienating yourself. Stay positive. It’s an experience.

The Bottomline

Smile. Smiling in photos can increase your right swipes and using a picture that doesn’t show your face clearly reduces them.

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