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How to fix Wuthering Waves crashing on Android

How to fix Wuthering Waves crashing on Android


If you look forward to playing Wuthering Waves, you have three platform options: PC, Android, and iOS. However, you may sometimes encounter crashing issues depending on your platform, but Android, in particular, has a few known issues that Kuro Games has worked toward resolving.

How to fix Wuthering Waves crashing on Android

Fixing Wuthering Waves crashing on Android after Kuro Games releases a patch requires uninstalling and reinstalling the game before replaying. Wuthering Waves has had some known crashing errors on Android, which Kuro Games patched before the game’s initial launch. However, if you haven’t uninstalled and reinstalled the game since this happened, you’ll still experience the issues, so this is the best first step.

If you’re still having crashing issues, there could be a few reasons why:

  1. Lack of storage space
  2. Android system updates
  3. Other unknown or unexpected errors

A game often has unexpected crashes or installation errors because of a lack of storage space. Even if you install a full game correctly, future patches and content updates increase the game’s size, which can cause your phone’s storage to fill up. If this is the case, you’ll have to clear out space by uninstalling other games, videos, or photos to free up space.

Another reason is Android system updates. Although rare, system updates on phones can cause some applications, including games, to encounter issues they didn’t previously. They can also cause your phone to crash, making it harder to troubleshoot the issue. If your phone recently experienced a system update causing multiple apps to crash, you can connect it to a computer to initiate a recovery process or contact a local tech store to help.

Outside of these, it may also be an unexpected crash from a patch or content update. As Wuthering Waves updates over time and adds new features, bugs and crashing issues may appear as well that didn’t exist in previous versions. Typically, the developers will notice this and either suggest fixes or release a follow-up patch. However, until they do this, you’ll have to wait for updates from them about the situation, especially if it’s a recent issue.

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