Home News Lenovo’s transparent laptop concept is something else

Lenovo’s transparent laptop concept is something else

Lenovo’s transparent laptop concept is something else


Lenovo is reportedly working on a transparent laptop, and it’s bringing a concept device to this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

This is according to leaker Evan Blass, who shared some images of the device on Twitter.

Blass first shared the news of the device’s existence last week, together with a couple of images, shared on Windows Report. The images show a laptop-like device with a completely bezel-less, semi-transparent display. The components are apparently housed in the display’s (sizable) chin, while the keyboard is an equally futuristic-looking flat, shiny, tablet-like slab with fully flat or at least hidden keys.

On Thursday, Blass shared another image of the device, displaying two of them on a flat surface. The image looks like a render, but Blass claims the company will unveil the laptop concept at this year’s MWC, which kicks off on February 26.

As for the inevitable question of whether we need transparent laptops in the first place, the answer is simple: To look cool! We’re sure that Lenovo will concoct some other usage scenarios where using such a device makes sense.

Transparent display tech is definitely a rising trend; at this year’s CES, we’ve seen several semi-transparent TVs, including this beautiful OLED by LG.

In terms of specs, all we know is that the laptop runs Windows 11, but we’re hoping to find out more in Barcelona.


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