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Mel C strips in wild -140 degree chamber

Mel C strips in wild -140 degree chamber


One of the very first things Spice Girl Melanie C did when she landed in Sydney was strip off and jump into a -140 degree chamber.

The British star, 50, who was in the country for her high-energy DJ tour, landed in Sydney on the morning of June 11 following a flight from Auckland, New Zealand.

The moment she touched down in the city, she did something very on-brand for the star — she headed straight to a popular cryotherapy clinic at Freshwater, on Sydney’s northern beaches.

Mel C strips in wild -140 degree chamber

Melanie, aka Sporty Spice, is a huge advocate for cryotherapy which involves exposing the body to subzero temperatures. And in Melanie’s case, that was at the coldest temperature of minus 140C.

“She literally landed in the afternoon – her gig was in the evening – and we had a car pick her up from the airport and bring her straight to the clinic,” Dimple Naik, owner Cryo Northern Beaches told news.com.au.

“She did whole body cryo and the cryo glow facial – all up it was 20 minutes, so she was in and out.”

Ms Naik said cryo was at the top of Mel C’s agenda as a way to combat jet-lag.

“She needed to feel energised — she already looks amazing but this helps get the blood flowing and for her, it’s also about efficiency,” Ms Naik said.

The process involves stripping down to a pair of shorts, a top, gloves, socks, slippers and headband to cover your ears, and hopping inside the chamber.

The session goes for about three minutes with your favourite song blaring in the background s the body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures in the form of a dry cold.

“When you’re sitting on a plane in one position for a long period of time, you need to get your blood pumping and this helps gets the blood flowing,” Ms Naik said.

“When exposed to subzero temperatures, which is different to ice btahs – you essentially go into a fight or flight mode.

“All of the blood rushes to protect your heart and vital organs and then when you step out of the chamber you have that fresh blood flowing back to you extremities. When that occurs you’re driving fresh blood to your body and mind. It’s an instant boost of energy you get.”

And it’s a boost that Mel C relies on to help with her high-intensity DJ sets.

“She always said how great and refreshed she feels after a session. It’s her lifestyle – she does this when she’s in London, Los Angeles and now here in Sydney,” Ms Naik told news.com.au.

It’s the second time the artist has visited the Northern Beaches cryo clinic with her first time in November last year.

“Awesome to have our loyal visitor Mel C @melaniecmusic back on the Northern Beaches over the weekend! Of course, it’s no surprise that CRYO was on top of her agenda as soon as she landed in Sydney for combating jet-lag, accelerating recovery, feeling energised, rejuvenated and looking absolutely divine ahead of the gig in Manly!” the clinic wrote in an Instagram post last week.

Melanie is a huge fan of cold therapy having raved about the benefits of cryo since 2021.

“It’s time for cryotherapy, now this is always a time when you feel a little bit nervous because it’s pretty full on, but it’s so good for you. It’s so good for your recovery. It’s so good for your immune system, it’s good for your metabolism,” she said in a previous post.

Other known benefits include reducing pain and inflammation, boosting your immune system and strengthening joints and muscles.

“Mel did her recent session at minus 140 which is very intense, but she loves it,” Ms Naik said.

She said the big difference between cryo and ice baths is cryo is a dry cold that helps boosts collagen production.

“It’s really awesome for skin health which you don’t get from ice baths.”

“The other thing with ice baths, depending on the time you have, if you need to be somewhere, it’s not time effective.

“There’s also no fight or flight mode when blood rushes to your core. For someone like Mel who is restricted with time, it’s a game-changer and she feels like a million bucks in a few minutes.”

Her latest tour marks the second time she’s visited our shores since 2020 – and her second in her newest vocation as a DJ.

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