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Monopoly GO: All Corsair Cup rewards and milestones

Monopoly GO: All Corsair Cup rewards and milestones


Corsair Cup is the latest tournament to arrive in Monopoly GO. For the next 24 hours, you’ll compete against other players to climb the tournament’s leaderboard, shut down some landmarks and collect points toward 30 special rewards. Here’s the complete list of Corsair Cup rewards.

All Monopoly GO Corsair Cup tournament rewards and milestones

Monopoly GO’s Corsair Cup tournament has 30 rewards to obtain until May 24. Reaching every milestone gives you 4,000 dice, four sticker packs, and 104 pickaxes for the Sunken Treasures dig event.

Tournament Level Points Required Rewards
1 30 Four pickaxes
(Sunken Treasures)
2 60 50 Dice Rolls
3 40 One-Star Sticker Pack
4 100 75 Dice Rolls
5 140 Five pickaxes
(Sunken Treasures)
6 175 Five minutes of High Roller
7 140 Seven pickaxes
(Sunken Treasures)
8 180 Two-Star Sticker Pack
9 190 Eight pickaxes
(Sunken Treasures)
10 200 175 Dice Rolls
11 220 10 pickaxes
(Sunken Treasures)
12 230 Three-Star Sticker Pack
13 240 175 Dice Rolls
14 300 12 pickaxes
(Sunken Treasures)
15 400 275 Dice Rolls
16 375 15 pickaxes
(Sunken Treasures)
17 425 25 minutes of Mega Heist
18 500 Cash
19 600 400 Dice Rolls
20 650 18 pickaxes
(Sunken Treasures)
21 550 Cash
22 700 Four-Star Sticker Pack
23 800 Cash
24 1,000 650 Dice Rolls
25 900 25 pickaxes
(Sunken Treasures)
26 1,300 Cash
27 1,500 900 Dice Rolls
28 1,600 15 minutes of Cash Grab
29 1,800 Cash
30 2,000 1,300 Dice Rolls

Among these 30 rewards is Sunken Treasures pickaxes, which you can use to participate in the ongoing digging event. This event gives additional prizes, ranging from dice to a Wild Sticker, that you can use to advance further in the Corsair Cup tournament and various banner events.

How to score points in the Monopoly GO Corsair Cup tournament

Like previous Monopoly GO tournaments, Corsair Cup requires landing on railroad spaces to score points. Landing on these tiles initiates one of two minigames, rewarding you with the following point values depending on their outcomes:

  • Shutdown – Blocked: Two points
  • Shutdown – Success: Four points
  • Bank Heist – Small: Four points
  • Bank Heist – Large: Six points
  • Bank Heist – Bankrupt: Eight points

The most important part of succeeding in getting tournament points is using your dice multiplier to increase the points you receive per railroad tile. While this consumes more dice per roll, it allows you to gain more points when you land on a railroad, making it a crucial part of gaining hundreds or even thousands of points.

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