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Monopoly GO: How to get free Sunken Treasures pickaxes

Monopoly GO: How to get free Sunken Treasures pickaxes


Monopoly GO’s Sunken Treasures dig event is live from May 23 to May 26, with 16 reward tiers to claim. Finishing every level requires obtaining pickaxes and digging through the event’s treasure grid. Here’s every way you can get more pickaxes during the Sunken Treasures event.

How to get more Sunken Treasures pickaxes in Monopoly GO

Below are the three main ways to get more pickaxes during Monopoly GO’s Sunken Treasures dig event:

  • Participate in banner events and tournaments
  • Complete daily quick wins
  • Redeem free shop gifts

Events and tournaments are your bread and butter during the dig event, as they can give you hundreds of pickaxes. Daily wins usually provide around 12 pickaxes daily, while shop gifts give three per box. In other words, while daily wins and store gifts can reward you with the few extra pickaxes you may need for the next level, you’ll need to finish several tiers of ongoing tournaments to finish the entire dig event.

Banner events and tournaments

Monopoly GO Map of Fortunes pickaxe reward
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Your main method of obtaining more pickaxes is participating in events such as Map of Fortunes. Banner events give well over 100 pickaxes during their duration, making it a fantastic opportunity to get some pickaxes and fly through Sunken Treasures’ levels.

Daily Quick Wins

Monopoly GO Sunken Treasures pickaxes from quick wins
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Another method to obtaining free pickaxes during Monopoly GO’s Sunken Treasures event is to complete your three daily quick-win objectives. You can get 12 pickaxes by finishing them, allowing you to get 36 extra pickaxes during Sunken Treasures’ three-day duration.

Free store gifts

Monopoly GO Sunken Treasures pickaxes from free shop gift
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The last way to get Sunken Treasures pickaxes is to redeem free store gifts every eight hours. Each gift gives around three pickaxes, allowing you to get around a dozen during the event’s duration. Although you’ll need more to get through later levels, it can make a massive difference between finishing the event or being a few pickaxes away, especially if you miss a few banner event tiers.

Scopely typically doesn’t release free pickaxe links during dig events, including the Sunken Treasures event. Although free dice links are common, with the occasional sticker pack or Partners event token mixed in, they typically don’t include pickaxes. You’ll have to rely on the above methods to get more pickaxes.

However, Scopely does surprise us often, so some could appear over the next three days. We’ll update this page with the latest pickaxe links if they appear, so stay tuned for more details.

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