Home Editor Picks Parcel Picnic lets you destroy boxes in peace, now available on iOS

Parcel Picnic lets you destroy boxes in peace, now available on iOS

Parcel Picnic lets you destroy boxes in peace, now available on iOS


  • Shoot boxes on a conveyor belt in a factory
  • Bombs may pop up and surprise you
  • Upgrade as you progress, unlocking different guns and hats

After making an announcement last month, Cresent Games has just released their latest project, Parcel Picnic. The new title is a shooter that comes off a fresh pre-registration campaign. As its name may suggest, you enter a chaotic environment where you must go crazy on unsuspecting boxes in a factory. 

Why are you attacking these poor boxes in Parcel Picnic? Wrong question. These containers may look innocent, but they’re actually evil and you’re just defending yourself from them – at least, that’s how I’ve convinced myself. In terms of gameplay, boxes will come in your direction at insane speed on a conveyor belt and you must keep shooting them.

It’s not just boxes, though. Bombs and random enemies will also be part of this rampage, which means you have to be even more careful. Of course, you can better prepare yourself by upgrading all your available gear. Weapons can be enhanced, and you can power up your defences as well to protect yourself against the packages. 

The robot you control can use a variety of different weapons, ranging from pistols to rifles. Each comes with its own distinctive characteristics and will offer a novel way of blasting the evil cartons. But most importantly, you can unlock special hats. Because why wouldn’t you want to look cool while enslaving these demonic creatures?

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Are you fed up with all the boxes around you? Then go on a destructive spree by downloading Parcel Panic from the App Store by clicking on the link below. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. For more information, you can visit the official website. You can also join the rest of the community on the X handle.


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