Home News Ted Cruz GRILLS Biden Judicial Nominee Who Put Serial Rapist in Women’s Prison Because He Is ‘Trans’

Ted Cruz GRILLS Biden Judicial Nominee Who Put Serial Rapist in Women’s Prison Because He Is ‘Trans’

Ted Cruz GRILLS Biden Judicial Nominee Who Put Serial Rapist in Women’s Prison Because He Is ‘Trans’


The transgender activism harms women and girls. And the Democratic Party is fine with this. Biden gutted Title IX, opening up women’s sports to men, along with their bathrooms, locker rooms, scholarships, and athletic opportunities.

So it’s no surprise one of Biden’s judicial nominees — Sarah Netburn — is fine with putting a ‘trans woman’ (read: man) in a woman’s prison, despite the man being convicted of sex crimes and rape.

More from The New York Post:

A President Biden judicial nominee was grilled Wednesday over a 2022 recommendation that a biological male, who has apparently transitioned and identifies as a female, be transferred to a female prison despite previous convictions for raping children and possession of child pornography. 

During a Senate Judiciary hearing, Republican Sens. John Kennedy of Louisiana, and Ted Cruz of Texas, questioned US Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn, who was nominated to serve on the US District Court for the Southern District of New York, over why she recommended William McClain, who goes by July Justine Shelby, be housed with female inmates in a federal prison. 

“Miss Shelby said I don’t want to go to a male prison. I want to go to a female prison,” Kennedy told Netburn. “And the Board of Prisons said ‘What planet did you parachute in from? You’re going to a male prison with this kind of record.’ And you sent him to a female prison, did you? You said that the Board of Prisons was trying to violate Ms Shelby, former Mr. McClain’s, constitutional right, didn’t you?”


Women deserve safety and safe spaces — even, and especially, women in prison.

A very good question. On one hand, she would probably say no. On the other, she might put ‘tolerance’ ahead of her safety. She certainly put it ahead of the safety of the women in prison.

Must’ve been.

Senator Ted Cruz absolutely grilled Netburn on this:

Straight fire.

That’s exactly what she did.

So what kind of judge would she be when the rule of law contradicts her ideology?

We can guess.

Yes she does.

Some good background here. Read it.

You can’t make it make sense.

That’s the entire point of moral relativism.

Dave Chappelle called it (warning: NSFW language), too:

And it’s reality for women under Leftist ideology.

The trans movement has relegated women back to second class citizens.

And the Democratic Party not only lets them, it encourages and codifies this.

Well done, y’all.

The only thing the Left supports when it comes to women is abortion.

On everything else, we don’t matter.

So stop voting for them.


What a time to be alive.

Insane is putting it mildly.

This comes at a time when a significant portion of Europe is pulling back from the trans nonsense. The Cass Report, the England’s NHS defining sex and barring men from women’s wards, and general scientific skepticism to transitioning people (especially children) is now the prevailing attitude.

Except in America. Where we plow ahead with believing men can be women if they simply say so.

While women get hurt.


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