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Tourist act enrages Aussie community

Tourist act enrages Aussie community


A man has divided a popular coastal town after calling out a driver for “illegally camping” at a popular beach destination.

The man posted a photo to Facebook showing a Mazda Tribute V6 with learner plates taking up two car spaces at Woods Bay in Noosa.

A tent fitted on top of the car used up the two spaces, with the local man calling on the council to “get some teeth”.

“Early Sunday in Woods Bay with the car park filling fast,” the post read.

“Come on council get some teeth and get serious about this camping illegally business.”

The man wrote: “This was not the only one overnight camping in the area and clearly not homeless”.

Hundreds flocked to the comment section to add their two cents, with many in agreeance and outraged.

“Homeless or not, you just don’t do camp in public areas. gG camp somewhere you don’t interfere with others,” one Facebook user said.

“It’s called manners and half the people today don’t have any.”

Meanwhile many locals disagreed with the post, calling to “leave the overnighters alone” and questioning what the “big deal” is.

“Leave these people alone! They’re probably stopping after long drives,” one commenter said, calling Noosa locals “sour and rude”.

“No different to the seventies all the surfers camped at the woods but back then there was a caravan park,” another commented.

Others suggested to “let them camp in peace”.

Noosa Council issued a statement to Channel 7 saying parking at Noosa Woods is banned between 10pm and 4am in a bid to end illegal camping.

“Parking officers, along with assistance from Queensland Police Service, continue to deal with those who flout the parking and camping laws with patrols conducted several times a day — including early morning and into the evening — and offenders issued with fines,” the council told 7NEWS.com.au.

“As an additional deterrent, council is considering extending the overnight parking restrictions, increasing the fines, and employing other enforcement options, such as tow away signs, across all high-demand areas.”

The council also said parking officers are trained not to target those in “genuine need due to rental and housing issues”.

Noosa Council has been contacted for comment.


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