Home Editor Picks Tyra Banks, 50, showcases flawless skin in new make-up free selfies

Tyra Banks, 50, showcases flawless skin in new make-up free selfies

Tyra Banks, 50, showcases flawless skin in new make-up free selfies


At the radiant age of 50, Tyra Banks is redefining the perception of aging with her latest Instagram showcase that exudes natural beauty and a free-spirited embrace of life’s inevitable changes. 

The iconic supermodel and television personality graced her followers with a series of candid, makeup-free photos, proving that age is just a number and beauty is timeless.

In the shared snapshots, Tyra, known for her illustrious career and her role as the host of America’s Next Top Model, sports her naturally curly hair and hoop earrings, her face glowing in the absence of makeup. 

Tyra Banks looks incredible in make up free selfies© Instagram
Tyra Banks looks incredible in make up free selfies

She playfully captions her post with a contemplative ‘this my…?’, leaving her fans to ponder the unfinished question.

Just last month, Tyra shared a reflective sentiment with her audience, openly discussing the small wrinkles that have appeared at the corners of her mouth. 

Tyra appears to be ageless at 50© Instagram
Tyra appears to be ageless at 50

“I now have these little wrinkles on the corner of my mouth, and I’m kinda feelin’ them,” she admitted, accompanying her words with an image that belied her half-century milestone, her visage looking remarkably youthful.

The milestone of turning 50 in December didn’t go unnoticed on her social media; Tyra posted makeup-free photos in homage to her five decades. 

Tyra Banks celebrated her 50th© Instagram
Tyra Banks celebrated her 50th

Before the celebration, however, she shared her evolving thoughts on what reaching 50 means in today’s context. 

“When I was younger, 50 was old, right? It was like a grandma age or something,” she reminisced. Yet, looking at age-defying stars like Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, and Jennifer Aniston, she found herself questioning, “What the hell is 50?”

In an intimate revelation to DailyMail.com, Tyra disclosed what she believes to be her secret to maintaining a youthful appearance: a bit of weight gain. 

Tyra Banks shares bare-faced selfies on Instagram© Instagram
Tyra Banks shares bare-faced selfies on Instagram

“I do think one secret is extra weight, because I’ve not been too skinny,” she explained. “I think if you’re really skinny, it will age your face. So I think a bit of juice, as it keeps the face nice and juicy naturally.”

Tyra’s physique has transformed notably since she first caught the world’s attention in the 1990s. She has welcomed her fuller figure with open arms, unapologetically celebrating her body’s changes over the years. 

The pandemic brought its own challenges, with Tyra candidly speaking about gaining ‘a ton’ of weight during that time. 

Tyra Banks shares a throwback photo of herself sporting bronzed pink hair© Instagram
Tyra Banks shares a throwback photo of herself sporting bronzed pink hair

“Los Angeles had a bunch of these things where you could drive around and have those experiences in your car,” she recalled, indicating that the sedentary lifestyle contributed to her weight gain. However, she expressed no urgency in returning to a slimmer frame: “I put it on during Covid, and I can get it off.”

Embracing aging with confidence and joy, Tyra also shared that her partner, businessman Louis Bélanger-Martin, adores her natural look, including the gray strands in her hair. 

She considers getting older a ‘privilege’ and revels in the fact that Louis loves her gray hair. Confronting the societal stigma of aging, especially for women in the spotlight, Tyra openly wonders about her own perception in the mirror, yet she admits to feeling ‘wiser’ and recognizing a certain liberty that comes with reaching such a landmark age.

On her 50th birthday, Tyra imparted some empowering advice through her social media platform, encouraging her fans to embrace aging.

 “So many fear getting older. That’s understandable. Things just aren’t the same anymore. Our bodies. Our energy. Our minds,” she acknowledged. 

But she countered the fear with a positive spin, asserting, “But I gotta say, my mind is FIERCER THAN EVER. Wise, baby. But still… I think we have to look at aging and these big milestone years like, ‘I GET to be that age.’ A Blessing.”

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