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XDefiant devs provides update on practice zone game mode

XDefiant devs provides update on practice zone game mode


After selecting play in XDefiant, there should be the option to either player Unranked, Ranked, or the Practice Zone. However, Practice Zone is mysteriously unavailable at launch, and XDefiant executive producer Mark Rubin shed some light on when the game mode will be available.

Before jumping right into a match in XDefiant, players could start in the Practice Zone and learn the controls in an obstacle course of test weapons in a firing range. The firing range was an especially useful tool, as it allowed players to test out different attachments, and the firing range dummies had exact damage values from different ranges. This made it easy to tell which weapons did more damage than others and provided a testing ground for users to get more comfortable with their loadouts.

After being available during the public test sessions, players assumed the Practice Zone would be available at launch. However, the game mode is currently unavailable and was listed in the year one roadmap blog as a feature to be added later. Fortunately, Rubin stepped in and reassured players before frustrations boiled over.

When is Practice Zone coming to XDefiant ?

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XDefiant YouTuber NerosCinema claimed, “It’s a bit odd that the XDefiant Practice Zone still isn’t available. It was in previous play tests and was fantastic for testing everything in the game out.”

Rubin responded, “It’s coming with the first patch or soon (hour or so) after the patch goes live to be specific. Next question, when is the first patch? Glad you asked, but I can’t tell you yet but it should be before the weekend if all goes well.”

The XDefiant dev wouldn’t provide a specific date, but players should keep an eye on the official Twitter account for any information on the title’s first update.

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